About Us

Pack-UnPack owner, Mary Rosner

Mary Rosner, Owner

Pack-UnPack caters to all your packing and moving needs. Our ultimate goal is to save you time and money. There is no situation we cannot assist you in. We can show you the benefits of this service.

Pack-UnPack treats your move or reorganization plan as the most important task, because it is. There are necessary tasks and steps that are critical to ensure a smooth transition.

As owner of Pack-UnPack, I promise that your next move will be the most stress-free, successful event you’ve ever encountered. Our experiences have exposed us to every moving and organizing situation, which saves you time and money. Because moving or downsizing is such an emotional event, we offer our clients a very personalized service. We treat your situation with respect and your property with a gentle hand. We will do the things you thought only you could do. Let us prove it to you.

Let Pack-UnPack make your next life-changing event be one to get excited about!

We’ll take the stress out of any mess!