Packing and Moving Services

While packing, we make sure that each box is labeled correctly in order to guarantee organization. We want to make this as smooth of a process as possible. The fewer hours we spend packing, the more money you save.

While unpacking, we make sure each box is placed into the correct room, as labeled. Once we reach your new home, we will make sure that your everyday needs are easily accessible and ready to use.

Organization and Sorting
Having trouble deciding what is garbage? Give us a call. We will be able to organize belongings that you haven’t touched in years. We can even help you organize your garbage and help you decide what you need to dispose of. We show you how to utilize the space of your future home.

Special Circumstances
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Relocation Services
In addition to organizing your move, we provide the services to contact utilities, cable service provides, newspaper carries, magazine subscriptions, and the Post Office.

Moving Materials Acquisition
Pack-UnPack can obtain boxes, wardrobe boxes, bubble wrap, peanuts, shrink wrap, tape and labeling material for your move upon request.

As an additional benefit, we can provide you with an ECOMAP of the various services in your new community (i.e.: library, churches, medical facilities, post office, police and fire stations).